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Using the numerical wave model SWAN, 48 hours prediction of the wave conditions for the coastal region including San Antonio Bay are made twice a day with prediction starting time of either 00 or 12 GMT.

Hs links provide plots of  Significant Wave Heights (m) along with plots of  input Wind Directions (scaled by the input Wind Speed).

Tp links provide plots of Peak Wave Periods (sec) along with plots of Peak Wave Directions (scaled by the Significant Wave Height). 

Predicted wave conditions can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding link in the table below.

 Update time: AM 5:10 and PM 5:10. (CST)

 Time   Variables   Time   Variables 
00h Hs, Tp 03h Hs, Tp
06h Hs, Tp 09h Hs, Tp
12h Hs, Tp 15h Hs, Tp
18h Hs, Tp 21h Hs, Tp
24h Hs, Tp 27h Hs, Tp
30h Hs, Tp 33h Hs, Tp
36h Hs, Tp 39h Hs, Tp
42h Hs, Tp 45h Hs, Tp
48h Hs, Tp    

Text data: Hs, Tp, Dp - Description. 


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